I don’t need to tell you, how great you feel on vacation and for a short while after. But let me give you 5 reasons why this is true, and why it is important to take your holidays!


1. Lower Blood Pressure:
No work = less stress = lower cortisol levels = lower blood pressure
It’s that simple 🙂


2. Improved Mood:
I have spoken before how the outdoors and being in nature has been scientifically proven to improve mood. While on vacation, it is more likely that you will get outside and enjoy nature, more so than if at home on your regular work week. So whether your ideal vacation is skiing in the mountains or laying on the beach, you are nurturing your body, mind and soul.


3. Productivity:
Studies have shown those that take regular vacations are overall more productive and earn more. Think about it… after a long day of work it is more difficult to communicate clearly, you may be more irritable and tired, which leads to poor decision making. Taking a break gives you the opportunity to recharge and return to work with more focus.


4. Overall Health and Wellbeing:
Research shows that we tend to get more exercise on vacation. We take time to eat a nice meal. We get a better sleep. For most, a work week will entail a lot of sitting, fast food meals, or eating at your desk. However, on vacation, it can be as simple as a swim in the pool, a stroll along the beach, a hike in nature, or touring the sites of a grand city. We will stop to enjoy the local cuisine and savour the moment. After a full day, we return to our already made up room for a restful sleep and our only concern is what to enjoy tomorrow.


5. De-Stress:
This topic really covers all the above and so much more. It is true, some people do not even realize they are stressed. Think about this… if you love your job, you may not consider stress as a factor, but you still have to meet deadlines, right? So whether you love your job or not you face daily stress. This puts your body in fight or flight mode, this raises cortisol levels and contributes to a number of health issues. Getting away from the daily grind allows you to pull away from those stressors and gives your body the opportunity it needs to re-balance.


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  • Matcha Chia Pudding
    2 tbsp chia seeds
    1 tbsp matcha powder
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/4 tsp vanilla
    1/2 cup of strawberries chopped
    1 banana sliced
    1tbsp shredded, raw, unsweetened coconut
    1 tbsp raw cacao nibs
    1 cup coconut milk

1. Soak chia seeds in coconut milk for 5 minutes. The chia seeds absorb the milk and expand, creating a pudding like texture.
2. Stir in matcha powder, cinnamon and vanilla
3. Add fresh fruit and toppings. You can layer as I did to impress friends and family, or just toss in a bowl for a quick and healthy breakfast.

*you can add some agave or raw honey to sweeten if you want it more as a dessert. I find the fruit sweet enough to do the trick 🙂

For more recipes, check me out at Meal Garden, a wonderful meal planning and recipe resource! 


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