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As a Holistic Nutritionist I always recommend to Eat Your Vitamins with whole foods by Eating The Rainbow.

However, I understand we all fall short from time to time.  With our busy schedules we often miss some important food groups.

If you are considering adding supplementation, it is important that you choose good quality, professional grade supplements.  Here are some of my trusted brands.

Pranin Organic
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Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

One of the first pieces of advice I offer to begin your journey to Simply Healthy Living is to start eating at home and making your own meals.   Now that might sound challenging to some of you but I have some helpful resources for you right here…

Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal Garden is a resource of 1000’s of recipes from health professionals, including myself.   You can create your own meal plan, choose a specific diet type meal plan, or I can create a custom one just for you! 

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18 hours ago

Posted @withregram • @metabolicbalancecanada
What does healthy mean to you?
To me it means:

Feeling full of energy all day 🤸🏽‍♂️
Feeling strong 💪
Feeling good about myself ... See more


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