Ignite Your Creativity | A Wellness Retreat

Join Us March 26 – April 2, 2022

Casa Sirena Hotel, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

You’re strong. You’re Beautiful. You’re Stressed.

Time to press reset.

Give yourself some love!

Join us on the quaint, 7km island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, just a short ferry ride away from Cancun.  

Together we will embark on an amazing journey that will leave you feeling recharged, re-energized, more vibrant and healthy!  

I believe exploring our creativity will help us find balance and open our minds to new experiences.

*No diets allowed, only delicious, nutritious food*

Are you ready?  

Your Host…

Lucia Di Cesare, BSc., RHN 

Our Culinary Nutritionist!  She will create simple, healthy, organic meals for you daily.  She will teach you how to create these meals at home and guide you to creating your own personalized, healthy meal plan.

You’ll share your own food and exercise story with similar experiences, challenges and goals. You’ll walk, talk and cook together. 

And you’ll bond over the food you create together that is not only nourishing, but delicious.

Lucia Di Cesare, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer. 

Her goal is to empower clients with the tools necessary to develop their own personal wellness plan, tailor made for their unique needs.  Using her food methodology, combined with intuitive eating, Lucia will help you tune in to your body’s needs. 

She offers many coaching programs, including a 21 day digestive reset program which is usually the perfect first step for clients who are ready to transform from surviving to thriving and creating their own personalized path to optimal health.   

Lucia can also be found leading group cooking classes which illustrate how creating beautiful food that tastes great can be simple!  Her focus on local, organic, farm to table cuisine highlights the importance of mindfully sourcing everything we eat.

By addressing the five key pillars of wellness: food, movement, rest, recovery and mindfulness, a holistic, individualized plan is created for long lasting success. 

Lucia has also invited some very special friends to join us and help us on our transformational journey.

Lasha Puhacz – Yoga & Meditation
Marcia Collado – Yoga & Meditation
Susan Pacek – iPhone Photography class
Yadis de la Torre – Painting Class
Sergio Isla Art – Batik Class
Alejandro Campos – Dance Instructor & Musician
Local Professional Massage Therapists
and so many more!

For more details check out the Facebook Events page here: Simply Healthy Living

This all-inclusive wellness retreat includes: 

  • 7 Nights accommodation at Casa Sirena Hotel, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  • 7 Healthy, organic breakfasts and dinners by Simply Healthy Living
  • Airport transfer to and from Cancun Airport to the ferry terminal
  • Yoga, pilates and meditation daily to open your mind and relax the body
  • iPhone photography, painting, yoga dance and cooking classes
  • Massage – we can always use one! 

Rates per person $USD:

$1,295 Triple Accommodation – one queen, two single beds (1 room available)

$1,495 Double Accommodation – two single beds (2 rooms available)

$1,695 Private Queen Room (3 rooms available)

For more information or to save your spot now email me at info@simplyhealthyliving.ca

Comments from past retreat guests:

Simply Healthy Living Retreat was just what I needed. Connection through beautiful, natural, raw delicious foods, Authentic conversation, yoga, meditation, massage, essential oils, crystal bowls, presence, reflection, stillness, ocean, nature, sunshine & ceremony. Thank you Lucia and Lee for a beautiful 4 days. Looking forward to creating something magical with you both next year. You are both working from your hearts and IN your purpose and it was beautiful to witness and receive from your gifts. Sat Nam ?




  • Isla Mujeres is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, 13 kilometers off the coast from Cancún. It’s a vacation destination known for beaches such as Playa Norte, snorkeling and scuba diving on the surrounding coral reefs.
  • Deposit Policies: To reserve your spot a non-refundable deposit is required of $500.00 per person, balance must be paid in full by February 1st, 2022.
  • Cancellation policies: Due to Coronavirus, we have amended the cancellation policy. If anything with regards to this pandemic changes and either forces us to cancel or you are unable to arrive, your payment will be refunded, less the PayPal fee of 3.5%.



 I met lucy while on a yoga retreat in Tulum, MX and I want to say that she is aaaaamaaazing! She is so passionate about her work and was very open about sharing her knowledge with me. We talked about my gout and acid reflux problems. She shared some great tips with me on what foods to eat or stay away from. We also discussed my 2 yr old nephews phlegm problem and she gave me some tips on also. I learned more about natural healing from her in 1 hr than I learned in all my years of dealing with my regular doctors, whom would always recommend drugs! I am excited to start trying her tips and will keep this page updated with my progress. Highly recommend Lucy if you are looking to better your knowledge of holistic nutrition. Cheers to healthy living!








Melanie Says

"She(Lucia) is great in explaining how she prepares food. delicious recipes... good ideas how to mix different ingredients. love it!"

Julie's Accomplishments

"Weight loss, Discovered food sensitivities, Better digestion, Improved energy. Lucia was very accessible. We conducted regular meetings by FaceTime and furthermore, she was always prompt to reply to my questions by email and text."


"I was concerned we wouldn't be able to nail down any problems in such a short time frame.. Lucia was able to determine my issues from the survey I had filled out. It really amazed me how much she learned about me just from the surveys!"

Would you recommend Lucia?

"Absolutely! She was very knowledgeable but more importantly very kind and thoughtful and attentive. I would recommend her strongly."

"Absolutely! Lucia is very knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. Full of ideas and always looking for a solution. Thank you!!!"

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