Why is conscious gift giving important to me?  Well, there are several reasons, here are 5… 


  1. Support Local:  What better way to ensure a thriving community than to support our local shops and artisans.  Head out to your local shops, farmers markets, or bazaars to do some shopping.  You may find some wonderful art, handmade products, local delicacies.  Create a gift basket or buy a handmade ceramic bowl.  For major art pieces, I know that can be personal, so perhaps a gift card will work in that case.  
  2. Environmental:  We know, there is too much garbage, not enough recycling facilities, and so much waste. What can we do?  Search out products made from recyclable materials.  You can find anything from skateboards, backpacks to socks.  
  3. Health & Wellbeing:  This one is my specialty.  I know we are all busy and often do not take the time to look after ourselves, and I am sure we all know someone who could use a little pampering.  Give the gift of health and treat your loved one with a massage, or a wellness package by a holistic nutritionist… wink, wink! Or even better… join me one one of my wellness retreats!  
  4. Beauty Care:  I include this topic because we need to increase awareness of the toxins in our beauty care products.  Each day the average woman applies 126 chemicals.  Did you know your skin sucks?!  That means, what goes on, is most likely going in.  Choosing cleaner products will do two things… lower your toxic burden and reduce environmental toxins.  Now, I am no expert on beauty care, I purchase everything from my deodorant to vegan mascara at the local health food shop. lol  For those of you that would prefer a little more sparkle.. check out my sisters affiliate account with Beauty Counter, I personally don’t know a heck of a lot about the company but she seems pretty passionate about the work they are doing at raising awareness and pushing for legislative changes in the beauty care industry http://www.beautycounter.com/vittoriadicesare  
  5. Support the less fortunate:  While we are over indulging, enjoying multiple holiday festivities, shopping and receiving, there are many without.  Consider donating gifts to your local charity, bring gifts to children’s aid, or to an orphanage.  You may also consider purchasing socially conscious, handmade products from Me to We: https://shop.metowe.com/#intl


Recipe: Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark


Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark


Ingredients:  these are just suggestions, be creative and use your favourite dried fruit, seeds, spices and nuts.

1/2 cup  Coconut oil (if solid, melt over low heat)
3/4 cup  Cacao powder, raw
1/4 cup  Agave nectar (syrup)
1/4 cup  Cranberries, dried
1/4 cup  Walnuts (pieces)
1/4 cup  Pecans (pieces)
1/2 tsp  Vanilla extract, pure
1/8 tsp  Cayenne pepper

1. Stir cacao powder, agave syrup, vanilla and cayenne into the coconut oil until you have a smooth consistency.
2. Mix in fruit and nuts
3. Line a baking dish with parchment paper and pour in mixture
4. Place in freezer for 2 hours
5. Cut into squares and serve immediately, it will melt fast!

For more recipes, check me out at Meal Garden, a wonderful meal planning and recipe resource!  https://www.mealgarden.com/expert/simplyhealthyliving/
































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