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Kick Start Your Wellness: $150

Do you need menu planning inspiration?  Did you know most of us stick to the same 15 grocery items each week?  This may lead to nutrient deficiencies.  With the Kick Start Your Wellness Package I will help you create a balanced diet that provides optimum nutrition.  Included in the package:

  • Vitamin & Mineral questionnaire
  • 45 minute session with your questionnaire results and recommendations
  • Lifestyle suggestions to help you feel energized and stay motivated
  • Meal plan suggestions and recipes
Optimal Foods Nutrition Package: $350
You are not feeling your best these days.  Perhaps you are lacking energy, or unable to think clearly, or having trouble with digestion… You are not sure exactly what is the issue, but you know your body is trying to tell you something.  
Let’s get to the bottom of this!  Included in this package:
  • 45 minute discovery session – what are your main concerns?
  • In depth Lifestyle and Body System Assessment – questionnaire
  • 45 minute session with your personalized nutrition plan
  • Optimal foods list based on your body’s needs
  • 1 week meal plan with recipes and shopping list
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 4 weeks e-mail support

To find out what package is best suited for you, let’s chat!  Book a free discovery call with me.

Featured Program

Simply Healthy Living Membership

This membership includes the Optimal Foods Nutrition Package with added support for one year. We will take this step by step, continuing to work on the small changes to ensure your success! 

I know lifestyle and eating habits do not change over night and are difficult when a strict diet is imposed.

I will guide you week by week, implementing some small changes, new recipes and exercises. Before you know, you are a new person 

Let’s go Shopping and then… Let’s Eat!

It all starts in your kitchen! Since I believe in Simply Healthy Living, all my recipes are simple and healthy!

For this service, I will come meet you at your home and we will have a look at your pantry and discuss what should stay and what should go. We will discuss meal planning and creating shopping lists for a busy family. Then off to the grocery store to get what we need! When we return, we will create a Simply Healthy Living meal together.

This service can be divided up into two or three sessions if time is an issue.

Girls Night In!

This is by far my favourite service! Together with friends, we can enjoy some organic, healthy snacks and cocktails while learning the facts and fallacies about our favourite foods and healthy lifestyle choices.

Or… Let’s make it a cooking class!  Invite your friends over and  we can prepare a Simply Healthy meal together.  Including an  appetizer, main dish, and dessert, which we will all enjoy together.

Price is determined on menu selection and amount of people.

Please check out my Instagram account where I post my Simply Healthy Creations.

IG: simplyhealthyliving_lucy


Private Workout & Holistic Nutrition Coaching

If you prefer to go at your own pace and appreciate the one on one attention, try this one! One hour fitness session, in the comfort of your own home, with 30 minutes nutritional coaching. We will discuss weekly challenges and lifestyle changes to help you reach your Simply Healthy Goals. 10 sessions for $500.

Group Fitness Programs

Friends That Workout Together Stay Together

6 week program, you and five of your friends, twice a week, location of your choice.  Outdoor workouts are my favourite! No better way to start Simply Healthy Living than to get your daily dose of Vitamin D while exercising.

A Cleanse for All Seasons

Every so often we feel like we need to push the reset button! Spring & Fall cleaning are the most popular, but whenever you begin to feel sluggish or have lost motivation, it is time to hit RESET. I don’t use any packaged or marketed products, just simple organic foods that are easy to follow. There are several different cleanses available from 3-21 days depending on your needs. I will prepare for you a shopping list and recommended cleanse instructions. I will be there to coach you throughout the process. Price varies on type of cleanse. Contact me for a free quote: lucy@simplyhealthyliving.ca

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